December 03, 2011

Advent Calendar of Non-Overplayed Christmas Songs: III. Gower Wassail

There's a couple good versions of the Welsh carol, the Gower Wassail, on spotify. I was glad that Wikipedia had this handy helpful chart for the choruses:

That's right, haters, the default font in my browsers is Comic Sans. Eat it.

Here's my favorite version of Gower Wassail, by John Langstaff and the Christmas Revels. It's satisfyingly krummhorny.
Here's a version by Kerfuffle from their excellent "Midwinter" album Lighten the Dark, more on that later.
And, this one by Steeleye Span is also pretty good & has some crunchy harmonies, & someone put it on youtube:

Now master and mistress let your company forbear
To fill up our wassail with you cider and beer
We want none of your pale beer, nor none of your small
But a drop of your kilderkin, that's next to the wall
More lyrics from Wikipedia.
Infinite Non-Overplayed Christmas Playlist (listen on random.)

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