October 23, 2011

in Berlin

In Berlin, we couldn't resist singing the song "In Berlin," a work-in-progress from an upcoming song cycle (The Theosaur Slayer), which was inspired by my memories of Berlin, Nevada, (a ghost town that has dinosaur fossils) & the one of the reasons we went out to stay there. The melody is adapted from the folk hymn "Florence" (which mentions deserts & dragons), and the lyrics tell the story of a nameless boy who lives in the desert & discovers a monster in the abandoned mines.

Lyrics & chords:

In Berlin
D Bmin Emin7 Asus4    Bmin A D 
In Berlin, a ghost town in Central Nevada, lived a boy without any name. 
D Bmin Emin7 Asus4    Bmin A D 
He had built a shack out of broken bottles, a recycled gold rush claim. 
D D/C# Bmin Asus4 D Bmin A 
And in the nights when the desert’s frigid, his grandmother’s ghost would visit, 
D Bmin Emin7   Asus4 Bmin A  
And they’d sup on scorpion tail cocktails, & silently hide from the spirits.
And there was a hill to the East of the ruins that his ghosty Granny had warned, 
Don’t you ever go there, the pinyon pins round the mines is mysteriously burned, 
But being a boy with an tween’s free will & the imaginings of a devil, 
He was bored one Wednesday while out exploring, and he found himself on the hill. 
Down into the mine-shaft climbed the child, no one was there to watch him, 
And he lit a match in the ancient darkness, & wandered round with caution. 
A humongous monster was deeply sleeping, as if for millions of years. 
With the arms of a rat, & the wings of an eagle, & brobdingnagian ears. 
But they weren’t alone, & poltergeist who haunted far & wide 
Knocked some rocks on the supports, and a noisy collapse sealed off only the way outside. 
The monster woke & it gasped for breath, a ten thousand pound canary, 
And it grabbed the boy, burst through the earth, & they flew off in the fiery sky. 
©2011 The Manna Tease 
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Here are some more photos from our trip to Berlin:

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Brains said...

I love ghost towns and nevada.take me with you next time.