August 17, 2011

Illuminated Sheet Music - What Mary Noticed from The Manna Stains illustrated digital songbook!

Another addition to our burgeoning genre of illuminated digital sheet music - "What Mary Noticed" from The Manna Sustains, an Epic Murder-Ballad Song-Cycle by The Manna Tease. This will eventually be a whole illustrated songbook illuminated by Grainne Proinseas, & we'll be dropping samples of individual songs as Scribd documents over the next few weeks.

What Mary Mary Noticed, from The Manna Sustains - Illuminated Sheet Music
Please download, print, and play around with as you wish. The Manna Tease singing a somewhat rough-around-the-edges rehearsal of this song into the youtubes:

Stay tuned for more illustrated songs! & more from The Manna Sustains. Lyrics to "What Mary Noticed" originally posted here. Please "like" The Manna Tease on facebooks here, & Grainne Proinseas here.

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