August 04, 2011

Disc Baseball / Frisbee Baseball / Basedisc - How to play a game that doesn't exist

I was playing frisbee in a baseball diamond today, & trying to imagine how disc baseball might work. Something closer to disc golf, I would hope (where you can drink beer & trash talk), than to Ultimate, which is actually athletic. (So, more whiffle ball than MLB.) I assumed that this game has already been thought up by others, but my googly-research was a bit depressing. It revealed perhaps the saddest novelty sports blog possible, which owns the domain name, screen shot below:

I imagined a game where the "pitcher" would throw a disc to the "batter," who would have to catch it and then re-throw it as far as he could into the outfield. Perhaps the baseball strike zone would be fairly larger than a baseball strike zone: If the pitcher failed to throw within the strike zone, it would be a ball, & if he threw it in the strike zone but the hitter couldn't catch it correctly, it would be a strike. Likewise, if a fielder caught the disc after the hitter re-threw it, the hitter would be out. I think the problem is, this game might be too easy for decent athletes, and only fun for beer-drinking hippies like ourselves who don't receive or throw too well. It might not leave enough time for the hitter to get to first base, & It might be harder, & better, with a smaller disc like a disc-golf disc. 

A website called has also conceived of this game, and offers other hypothetical rules. Their use of the term "probably" makes it seem that they have not tried it either:


Thursday, 19 April 2007
Additional Props: Spots for Bases
This game is played like baseball except for a few minor rule changes. Set up a baseball diamond by using the spots for bases and make the bases about 20 feet apart. Divide the group into two teams. Team 1 in the field, Team 2 at “bat”. There is no pitcher, and the rest of the team in the field can position themselves as needed (probably much like baseball). The first player from Team 2 throws the disc from home plate, then runs the bases. If the throw doesn’t go 20 ft. or goes foul, the batter tries again. Three fouls is an out. If the throw is caught on the fly, or the disc reaches a base before the runner gets there the batter is also out (just like baseball). As far as the fielders go, only the basemen (1st, 2nd, 3rd) can run with the disc. The other fielders have to throw it where it was picked up. Team 2 scores a run each time a runner crosses home plate. We play three outs to an inning and then the teams switch places. Make sure the fielders are at least 20 feet away (mark this area with the boundary cones) from home plate, so they don’t get beamed with the disc.

Please comment if anyone has attempted to play Disc Baseball, if it is just a bad idea, or how the rules might evolve into something functioning & fun.
Update: I also found this video, listed under "BaseDisc":

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