July 10, 2011

The Manna Tease Live at Adobe Books, 8 July 2011

Good morning. The Manna Tease played a small gig at a book store in San Francisco on Friday, and there are a few good videos of some of our new songs. What the HECK, I'm going to put them all up here, if you want to see the show.

We opened with the premiere of "Come to the Berkeley Bunghole," which is about our dream of opening a workingman's wine bar.

Lyrics & chords:

Come to the Berkeley Bunghole


G bmin7 emin
It’s five o’clock in England.
C G G/B Cmaj7 amin9
Jupiter’s closed, but the Bunghole is wide open.
G bmin7 emin D Cmaj7 amin9 emin
There’s a place where the Reagan Administration never happened,
G bmin7 emin D Cmaj7 amin9
And Mama Bethany is always glad to see you again.

emin C G D

Come to the Berkeley Bunghole!

emin C G D

The workingman’s wine bar, the pauper’s pub,

emin C G G/F# emin

Your wallet’s empty, but your glass is full,

Cmaj7 amin9 bmin7 emin

Let’s tap this barrel! Let’s boogie in the club!

The graveyard shift is ended.
It’s Sunday Morning & BART hasn’t started,
There’s a place where the sadness of the street has been suspended,
And Mama Bethany is big bosom’d & big hearted.

Morning breaks in Tilden Park:
The idle rich are hiking with their labradoodles.
But in this place, the music’s loud and neon lights burn dark.
And Mama Bethany makes a mean cup of Ramen noodles.

Allons-y a la Bonde Berkeley!
Le café ouvriere, le pub indigents.
L'escarcelle est vide, mais la coupe est pleine.
On tape ce baril! nous boogie dans le club!
©The Manna Tease 2011
We did two songs from our Epic Murder Ballad Song Cycle, The Manna Sustains: Young Manasseh's Stains & Pink Mary's Stains.

This performance of "It's a Snoopy Snoopy Poop Doggy Ratty Rat World" turned out pretty good:

I did my song "Isa Bowman," the video's here if you care to see it, although the performance was a bit flawed. And finally, here's our much-awaited premiere of tomorrow's chart-topping single "Whoops! my bosoms come flying out!"

Lyrics & chords:
whoops! my bosoms come flying out!


emin C bmin A dmin
Wonderful suburbs, the roads to the safeway of this world.
emin C bmin A dmin
Stuffed in my tube top, my goldilocks shampooed, long and curled.
A G (emin)
As I fill my cart with seasonal fruits,
A emin G A
My top explodes all over the cantaloops, and

dmin C F A

Whoops! my bosoms come flying out!


Whoops! my bosoms! Whoops! my bosoms!

dmin C F A

Whoops! my bosoms come flying out!

Powerful pantsuit, the honorable senator from Nebrasker,
Storming the forum, never lack-lustre if her luck’ll last her.
I will muster all my brimstone & bluster,
Ask her how to bust this blasted filibuster, and

Whoops! my bosoms come flying out! &c...

Blast off & cast off into our culture’s future frontier,
Across the universe, headfirst in a shuttle shooting somewhere.
I am absolutely safe in my spacesuits,
But a blackhole ripple ripens my sexy spacefruits, and

Whoops! my bosoms come flying out! &c...


Bosoms all over the place! - - - Bosoms all over deep space! ©The Manna Tease 2011

Thanks to The Matinees for arranging that "variety show" + poetry reading. Please "like" The Manna Tease on Facebook.

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