July 19, 2011

¡Art! ¡Cuidado! Liam Golden & Grace Marlier Art Pages

Ennui, ecstasy, immortality, & antipathy... that's right, gentlemen, art is on display on the internet.

First, Liam Golden Does Things, the blog on his website liamgolden.com, has been rapidly putting up art in the last twenty-four hours. These are websites you should occasionally peruse. Here's one of the posts, called "Bird! Stone! Water!"

Working on an illustration
for an article on Rock! Paper! Scissors!

or as I know it from childhood, Ro! Sham! Bo!

(or Rochambeau, not to be confused with the French vicomte and soldier who shares my two christian names (Joseph, Mary)).

Also known as Bird! Stone! Water! and Wrap! Cut! Crush!

Interesting that Olaf Mary shares my newfound love for Comic Sans, great minds thinking alikely.

Next I invite you to "like" Grainne Proinseas' new facebook artist page, Grace Marlier. It has FASHION! SKETCHES! DRAWINGS! PAINTINGS! ART!

That one, from the album G.F. Marlier; some fashion illustrations, is captioned "want to make this for [Minnie Molly Mary]," of The Manna Tease. Exciting. And, finally here's a sketch of Mr Quill & me in Bulgaria, from the album Beautiful To Forget, More Beautiful Still To Be Forgotten, a collection of drawings from our Eastern European vacation:

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