July 07, 2011

Annals of Failed Cocktailology: The Chilled Chocolate Mimosa

I had pretty vivid dreams last night, and I remember clearly inventing a cocktail called the chilled chocolate mimosa. It was a catering dream, where I was proudly showing my boss a drink I had created by adding chocolate syrup to champagne, & he was planning on adding it to an event's menu. We experimented by using high-quality chocolate and cream, & it was delicious. This morning, M.M.M. made homemade eggs benedict & Hollandaise sauce, and I set out to recreate the mixology of my dreams.

It was a colossal failure, & I do not recommend attempting it. The chocolate syrup would not dissolve in the champagne, & it tasted weird. When we dissolved good quality cocoa in cream and then added it to champagne, the milk curdled. It looked and tasted horrible. We have switched back to limeade mimosas for the day. If anyone has any solutions, let us know.

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