April 10, 2011

Videos: The Manna Tease's FIRST GIG - 8 April 2011

It was very dark at this show on Russell St, Berkeley. But I'll post these dark videos of a couple of the songs we sang, because it was our FIRST GIG! & the sound quality is in HD.

The classic novelty song Dead Puppies! in memory of the beloved house dog's recent passing:
It's a Snoopy Snoopy Poop Doggy Ratty Rat World. This song (with lyrics) previously discussed here. Our demo mp3 of this song & others for sale here.

Another from our corn whiskey set, the song "Corn Liquor" by Well Strung. See our useful How To Make Corn Liquor SONGBOOK for lyrics & chords.

And finally, Jesus Christ is a Big Fat Man & Bleck Ram. Please "like" The Manna Tease on facebooks here! If you missed us on Russell St, we'll play again soon!

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