April 12, 2011

New Song: "My Space"

Here's a demo recording a brand spanking new song called "My Space," to play with The Manna Tease. It's a song about how everybody used to be in my space, but now nobody is in my space.

That demo is in E, but here are the lyrics & chords in D (as I've been practicing with The Manna Tease.) That demo mp3 is available here. Friends Around the Campfire is on facebook here.

My Space

D emin7/C# bmin A
A drowsy tremor runs thru the rushes,
D emin7/C# bmin A F#7
Pan awakens & spring- time blushes.
bmin Gmaj7 A F#7
Curse the morn, & curse the fully employed.
bmin Gmaj7 A
I’m weary & worn, I’m lonesome... & annoyed.

B7 emin emin/D

Everybody was in my space.

C#7 f#min f#min/E

Now nobody is in my space.

D7 G G/F#

I pity the whole space race.

emin bmin

The times have been fun,


But now I’m alone.

There is always space for beauty.
I’m amazed at our nation's natural piety.
The throstle cock finds room for another song:
My friends are gone, but that throstle cock will sing along.

Everybody was in my space, &c...

My face in profile, my followers offended,
I loved your style before I was unfriended.
Close my eyes, but leave open my air quotes.
I'll plagiarize from Florence Earle Coates.

Everybody was in my space, &c...

[final chorus] The times have been fun,

But now it is done.

©The Manna Tease 2011



jordan said...

this is a comment. This comment commentates on the niceness of this tune. I will play this with you, whether you like or not.

S. Sandrigon said...

Thanks for the niceness of your comment, & thanks for your spot-on Joni Mitchell impersonation.