April 02, 2011


Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump released his birth certificate to Newsmax this week. However, he only released a internet image of a short-form, probably faked document. Patriots of this country are now left to wonder: WHY WON'T HE RELEASE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Here is the "image" he "released":

Several glaring questions are now raised in this new festering conspiracy:
1) Even if this document is legitimate, it still does not say anywhere on it that Jamaica Hospital is in New York, U.S.A. This could be Jamaica, Jamaica, or, more probably, Jamaica, Libya. (That's right: Libya, hostile nation to U.S.A. and also an atheist mooslim country in North Africa.)
2) The document uses wordage like "whereof" which is silly and I have never seen a real birth certificate using the word "whereof" therein, therefore it is clearly a forgery thereof. Q.E.D.
3) Two words: LOOSE SEAL. (Mother!)
4) Speaking of mothers, Donald Trump's was Scottish. So even if Trump was born in Queens in 1946, her British citizenship would make Trump an alien limey, a citizen of the British Empire (including Kenya), and it would be illegal for him to also be a citizen of the U.S.A. (as it clearly says in Article X-49 in the Constitution.) We have never had a President who was born in the British Empire (except for Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Adams, and Jackson.)

Do the right thing, Trump. Put this controversy to rest. If you aspire to be the President of the United States, RELEASE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

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Brains said...

I love starting the day with a good Sandrigon post. Sting's real name is awesome. And HOW DO WE KNOW Donald Trump isn't a British subject?? Hilarious how no one asked for McCain's birth certificate in '08, even though he was born in Panama. HOW DE WE KNOW he was born within the military base??