April 14, 2011

Girlfriend Doggerel: I. Fontelyn Brotemy

Fontelyn Brotemy

A girl called Fontelyn Brotemy was my lover in 2010,
She had legs that went all the way down to the floor,
She was easy to please, but she was also easy to bore,
And she knew me as well as she had known plenty men.

I would rather have Fontelyn Brotemy than none at all.
I once asked her if she dreamt in color when she dozed,
And she told me she couldn’t see anything with her eyes closed,
And then she tied me down & did naughty things with a snake's rattle.

I took Fontelyn Brotemy to Ohio to meet my parents.
They asked her why she had dropped out of nursing school,
And she told them she believed in the golden rule,
And since no one had ever nursed her, she couldn't be bothered to care for patients.

I would rather have Fontelyn Brotemy than an open flesh-wound.
She brushed her teeth five times a day to fight off plaque,
And she had curves like an ATV race track.
She liked to role-play as Ahab & Moby Dick, & be repeatedly harpooned.

I took Fontelyn Brotemy to Rome to meet the Pope.
He asked her if she always met the leaders of world religions wearing a bikini,
And she told the Pope, I wanted you to fully see me.
She left Rome with a decent tan & a purse full of the hotel’s complementary soap.

I would rather have Fontelyn Brotemy than a bottle of Fernet.
When she left me for a Republican Congressman from Utah,
I asked her if she had used me for my oom-pah-pah,
And she told me keep my tuba in tune: I hadn’t heard the last of her yet.

Art by Olaf Mary from www.liamgolden.com

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