March 17, 2011

9/11 Was An Inside Job: the song

Here is a demo rehearsal version of a spanking new song called "9/11 Was An Inside Job."

Here are the lyrics & chords:

9/11 Was An Inside Job

E C/E f#°7 G bmin C D D+
The male birth control pill has been suppressed by the FDA.
E C/E f#°7 G bmin C G D
George Bush was not the son of George Bush, but the son of Jack Kennedy.
E C/E f#°7 G bmin C D D+
John Lennon, John Lennon’s hiding in a compound near Harare, Zimbabwe.
E D C Bb amin D G
And if Obama was born in Hawaii, how come he can’t play the ukulele?

F amin9 C D E
9/11 was an inside job.
E C f#°7 G bmin C D D+
J. Edgar Hoover planned the whole thing with the Galactic Confederate mob,
Where the mystery
Is married to violence.
E C f#°7 G bmin C G D
Xenu bought his Douglas DC-8s from the armory of the United States,
And the rest is history,
The rest is silence.

The Rapture happened on Y2K, we just failed to capture it.
HIV/AIDs is not spread thru sex, but comes from drinking bad beer.
Fox News, Fox News is owned by Al Jazeera, but Oprah owns their pundits.
The works of William Shakespeare were written by another man also named William Shakespeare.

9/11 was an inside job, &c...

9/11 was an inside rim job.


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jordan said...

wowzers, beautiful. shocking. awe-ing.