February 11, 2011

Song: Sneak peak of "Who are you, Elle Mary?" sung on the Amtrak California Zephyr

Our songwriting project for the last month has been an album-lengthy Murder Ballad Song-Cycle epic, called "The Manna Sustains," to be performed by our new duo The Manna Tease. The songwriting, storytelling creative process is winding down, so here's a first sneak peak at one of the songs (which can be leaked without giving away any of the twists in the plot.) Miss Minnie Molly Mary & I took the Amtrak California Zephyr train to Truckee yesterday, & we got bumped up to first class, where we drank mimosas & practiced our tunes. Song no. VIa from The Manna Sustains: "Who are you, Elle Mary?", solo railway rehearsal:

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I'm sorry, I botched a key word in the lyrics, 'gutter' should be 'trucker.' Here are the lyrics & chords tho, to this short song:

Who are you, Elle Mary?


F F7 C
Who are you, Elle Mary?
F F7 D/F# G
How far have you followed me?
amin C/E F D/F#
My surprise at your disguise.
A trucker whore or so much more?

Bb F C
Ooo- - -

We will start premiering The Manna Sustains at some point, hopefully soon!


jordan said...

Lovely James, you should record all your videos in moving trains, something very romantic about trucker whores in first class. Though who's to say, this Elle May, might just break the mold.? A?

S. Sandrigon said...

She may be so much more... Thanks Jordan.

Olaf Mary said...

i really want to see your re-emergence from the tunnel

jordan said...

oh, i meant break the mold of the trucker whore, were you implying she had to be so much more, or a trucker whore? or so much more than just a trucker whore? is her disguise a whore's uniform? or a so much more's costume? I dont know what im saying anymore whore for sure