February 16, 2011

Song: Corn Whiskey

We're slowly working thru our corn liquor repertoire for the youtubes. HERE are original lyrics to a familiar tune:

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Lyrics & chords to dozens of songs about corn liquor & corn whiskey can be found in our USEFUL How To Make Corn Liquor SONGBOOK. For your convenience, I'll reprint this one here:

Corn Whiskey (to the tune of “The Times They Are A-Changin’”)

G emin C G
The summer is ending, the harvest is nigh,
The ears of the maize are eleven feet high,
G emin C G
(It’s taller, dear Oscar, than an elephant’s eye!)
The rays of the sun unrelentin’...
The better we live, then the better we die,
Oh the corn mash is fermentin’.

Get you copper kettle & light up a fire,
We’ll pass a corn pipe while the smoke rises higher,
And watch the clear drops till the evening expires,
And sing while the jugs are a-fillin’.
Ten drunken old men is an angelic choir:
For the corn whiskey’s distillin’.

Her hair it is flax & her dress it is red
Her bosom is full as the jars in my shed,
Her bubbly bead has gone straight to my head:
Is she thinking what I think she’s thinkin’?
We’ll share us a jar & wake up in my bed,
For it’s corn whiskey we’re drinkin’.

Goddamn Alex Hamilton raisin’ the tax,
We’re ready with rifles for George’s attacks,
They’ll first take our hooch then the shirts off our backs.
Our mob is as high as white lightnin’.
My flesh it bleeds corn from the blade of your ax...
It’s for corn whiskey we’re fightin’.

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