February 20, 2011

List: Words That Rhyme With 'Smurf' DEFINITIONS - Third Set

Here is the next skimpy-baker's dozen of Words that Rhyme with 'Smurf' DEFINITIONS. Only eight or so more of these sets of definitions, & you will have the worlds longest list of definitions for words that rhyme with 'Smurf.' Get out your nonsense-doggerel-writing quill pens & get ready to RHYME WITH 'SMURF'!

zhurf - A single galosh, only half as many galoshes than are needed for galoshing.

krurf - 1) A mansion full of racist people; 2) A yurt containing one or two racist people.

ghurg - 1) To keep the ghurgs at bay, hold a ghurg up to another ghurg - the infinite reflection of ghurgs reflecting ghurgs will terrify the ghurgs until they un-ghurg; 2) a ghurg with a massive vaginal opening.

mnurf - A mental trick to remember to die on time.

schmurf - 1) A Teutonic Shmurf; 2) Exclamation exclaimed every third beat of a schmaltzy waltzy.

thurf - A recreation enjoyed by lithperth on boardth at the theathide.

pyurf - 1) North Korean fashion; 2) a popular North Korean fashion gossip blog written by Kim Ung-Urf.

jrurf - Gentle, kind, good-natured asshole, squirrel-killing motherwanker, pen thief, & lighter-fluid squanderer.

frurf - 1) A fruit fly assassin; 2) Intrigue; 3) a pulp genre of fruit-fly assassin intrigue novellas popular in 1830s Madagascar, which was later suppressed by Madagascar’s brutal Islamic hippie dictator Le Bhutte-Ole.

thlurf - Debilitating laziness not to look up a definition in a dictionary.

Complete DEFINITIONS for Words that Rhyme with 'Smurf' so far.

Art above by Mr Olaf Mary. He has a new art website & activities blog. More about those anon. He is currently working on illuminations to my poem "A Poop Deterred."

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jordan said...

Etymixologist Welsch- you will be happy to know i recently used/spoke aloud the word "glurf" while referring to an annoyed-looking customer in the window of a new, neighborhood vegan restaurant. Between having read it here some time ago, and that precise moment of utterance, it had not occurred to me. But it apparently stuck to my conscience. A good sign, of a GOOD WORD.