February 23, 2011

Friends Around the Campfire on Facebook - Stuck Home Syndrome EP now Available!

Good day - - - I know I've been harassing you to become a fan of The Manna Tease on the facebooks. But in the meantime (before we have more proper recordings) I've put up our last project, Friends Around the Campfire's Stuck Home Syndrome, homemade recordings from 2009-10, on its own facebook page. The EP version of Stuck Home Syndrome (expurgating the covers copyrighted elsewheres) is now FOR SALE for a handsome & affordable price of $5.99, cheaper than a sixpack of beer. The reverbnation band page provides a way to sell it directly thru the facebook fan page, nifty technology. Here are the songs thru embedded in this blog, followed by the store.


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