January 16, 2011

Song: Copper Kettle

Here's our version of "Copper Kettle," it's here! Recorded on the roof this sunny Berkeley Sunny afternoon:

Please "like" our new band The Manna Tease on the facebooks here. The chords & lyrics we use for this song (which differ from the Dylan & Baez versions) can be found in our How To Make Corn Liquor SONGBOOK.

C C/B amin amin/G
Get you copper kettle,
C C/B amin amin/G
Get you a copper coil
C C/B amin amin/G
Fill it with new made corn mash
F F/E dmin dmin/C
Never more you'll toil

amin amin/G E7

You'll just lay there by the juniper

amin amin/G E7

While fires burn bright

amin amin/G dmin

Watch them jugs a-filling

F Fmaj7 C/B amin amin/G

In the pale moonlight.

Build you a fire with hickory,
Hickory, ash and oak.
Don't use no green or rotten wood,
They'll get you by the smoke.

You'll just lay there by the juniper, &c...

My daddy he made whiskey,
My granddaddy he did too.
We ain't paid no whiskey tax
Since 1792.

You'll just lay there by the juniper, &c...

More verses from Rise Up Singing:

I’d rather have corn whiskey, than anything I know.
I’d rather be here on moonshine hill that down in the town below.

God bless you, copper kettle, may you never stop.
Just let us hear that whiskey goin’ “Drop, drop, drop.”

UPDATE: download the mp3 for the audio from this youtube video free here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_7219838

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