January 07, 2011

New Song: Isa Bowman

I'm at Lake Tahoe for a sort of writer's retreat, and I have one new song to show for it. Here's a solo "workshopping" version, altho I wrote it to sing with our hot new band, The Manna Tease.

The text is half from Lewis Carroll's prefatory poem to Sylvie & Bruno, and half original. (The poem is an acrostic on Carroll's friend Isa Bowman, a child actress - the first letter of every line spell her name, as well as the first three letters of every stanza.) Here's the lyrics & chords as they stand now:

Isa Bowman
(Words by Lewis Carroll & S. Sandrigon, Music by S. Sandrigon)

G C G d#°7 emin emin/D C G

B7 C#7 f#min f#min/E f#min
Is all our life, then, but a dream----------
bmin emin emin/D C G
Seen faintly in the golden gleam-----------
B7 C#7 f#min f#min/E
Athwart time’s dark resistless stream-------?
bmin emin emin/D
It seems she’s a showman,
C G d#°7 emin emin/D
Below & above the remnants of the world, and
I’m blowin’ to & fro, man,

d#°7 emin D E

By an indiscrim’nate whirlwind

amin7 D G

And the love of Isa Bowman.

Bowed to the earth with bitter woe,
Or laughing at some raree-show,
We flutter idly to & fro.
I know she’s a showman, &c.

Man’s little day in haste we spend,
And, from its merry noontide, send
No glance to meet the silent end.
My friend, she’s a showman, &c.

C G d#°7 emin emin/D C G

Copyright 2011 The Manna Tease.

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UPDATE! Here's a downloadable demo mp3 version. You can have it for a buck from the store widget below if you wish (under "downloads").



Sooper said...
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jordan said...

yeah! heck yea! that light shining on you is your future james, your future as a pophet, which i guess is a half pop star half wiserdsman, which i guess is a half wise-wordsman half wizard. half? what? is that even a word anymore since i started writing this comment? sounds weird. ya know when that happens. so then is a calf like a half cow? Well Done James!

S. Sandrigon said...

Thank you, Jordan. I do aspire to be a wizard rock star / cow.

Sue said...

I think that you should sing this song at the upcoming LCSNA meetings. Pronounce Isa with a long I, though. I liked it very much.