January 24, 2011

List: Words That Rhyme With 'Smurf' DEFINITIONS - Second Set

Back to business--; the second set of DEFINITIONS for our list of a hundred words that rhyme with 'Smurf'.

hurf - a violent procreative action a grurf will inflict upon its comrade grurfs. The grurf will impale its horn into the rival grurf’s gnatlike wings, then through another grurf’s wings (up to fifteen in a row has been observed by naturalists), twist it all about, & then sit there in a heap until they begin to mold. This is the only way a grurf can reproduce naturally in the wild.

iouyurf - 1) a very tall sunflower said to resemble a young beardless James A. Garfield; 2) Debt that has been temporarily paid with the seeds from the iouyurf flower as a “placeholder;” 3) The oil pressed from the iouyurf seeds, which can be boiled and poured from a large cauldron onto the heads of one’s debtors.

oourf - onomatopoetic word referring to the sound a grurf makes when it is hurfing.

glurf - a species of yuppie who is not actually allergic to wheat gluten, but goes around telling everyone he or she is, making impossible special requests to caterers or restaurants, and diagnosing all of their friends as gluten-intolerant also.

furf - 1) a stock tip; 2) a gambling tip; 3) a sex-position tip; 4) a tip about how to successfully cheat at clurf.

sklurf - 1) an immigrant who has accidentally immigrated to his own country; 2) the name of the “chinatown” district of sklurfs, usually located in the center of the city they are originally from.

hururf - a grunt of approval from the town council of Scott, Arkansas, when it has unanimously voted to adjourn for the day and take their kids to Chuck E Cheese’s.

scurf - a nasty disease caught on alien spaceships, usually caught when there is an insufficient supply of human baby blood to provide the crew.

jjurf - 1) the bells of freedom ringing from coast to coast, eagles soaring, flags waving, and an old soldier saluting a parade; 2) despair.

curf - 1) a thing or no-thing, something or not something; 2) a very large investment project costing more than a curzillion dollars.

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