January 18, 2011

List: Words That Rhyme With 'Smurf' DEFINITIONS - First Set

Now getting to business--, after we released the long-awaited list of a hundred words that rhyme with smurf, many of you have been waiting to get down to doggerel, but were frustrated by the lack of definitions to most of those words (ones in common knowledge or common sense excepting.) Here we are proud to release the first set of DEFINITIONS for our "Words That Rhyme With 'Smurf.'"

vurf - 1) a tiny truck, 2) sexual slang used by tiny truckers when referring to their tiny trucks.

brurf - 1) a savage, stupid and often violent politician, rarely taller than 4’11”; 2) any of the insults hurled by the short violent politician.

iurf - slang for “swagger,” meaning roughly “fresh swaggering gait: half butterfly, half horse fly, and half C.P.E. Bach.”

nrurf - 1) to be so drunk that one has lost one’s curf; 2) the woman one wakes up next to after being in a state of nrurf.

ulurf - naked gutteral howling, like a banshee with a tracheoctomy.

shlurf - not as big as a shurf, but far more fun.

drurf - 1) herbal cure for ringworm, side effects include premature balding, lack of sexual desire, itchy colon, breast engorgement, and death. 2) the same medicine taken recreationally.

shurf - 1) A Slippery Nipple without the Irish Cream or the sambuca; 2) the state of anger one experiences after ordering a shurf.

clurf - 1) game played by the upper hierarchy of the clergy involving lingerie and betting on dice; 2) the lingerie used in the game of clurf after it is so thoroughly soiled that it must be hand-washed in holy water.

durf - any of the followers of John Durf Scrotus (b.1265 - d.1278), the Scottish philosopher who exposed the Middle Ages as a bucket of hogwash.

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