January 18, 2011

Jesus Christ is a big fat man

Next, an original song called "Jesus Christ is a big fat man." We don't court controversy, but it is our cross to bear to be the carriers of truth-bearing crosses. And Necessity, that fickle goddess. Also, this song was inspired by the Fat, Happy Buddha, who is not the Bodhisattva but a future, fatter, happier Buddha. I thought, Christianity needs one of those:

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Here are the lyrics & chords:

Jesus Christ is a big fat man

D f#min A
Jesus Christ was resurrected,
D f#min A
Died & came back, as was expected.
When you rise from hell, you know what you want?
G emin A
You head straight for the first restaurant.

G bmin A f#min

Jesus Christ is a big fat man,

G bmin A f#min

He eats as much as he possibly can.

G bmin A f#min

Eats like he knows the world can’t last.

G emin A

You can follow him - he’s not going fast.

Jesus Christ walked into a bar
With a ninja & a rabbi & a Bollywood star.
A guy in the corner called them a bunch of fairies.
But Christ forgave him, & ordered a round of Bloody Marys.

Jesus Christ would feed the hungry,
But he also would feed his big rumbly belly.
He could feed the multitudes with loaves & fishes,
But he also knew dozens of other delicious dishes.

Additional verse by Minnie Molly Mary:

Jesus Christ got his own cooking show,
Where he would make his world famous cookie dough,
His speciality sauces, and complex fondues.
Challenge him to a cook-off, and you’re bound to lose.
© The Manna Tease 2011

UPDATE: Jesus Christ is a big fat man SPECIAL B-SIDE SINGLE now out:

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grainne proinseas said...

you should send this video to one of those TV shows about how ghosts sometimes show up in videos. lauren could say that she encountered a ghost and played a sacreligious song with the ghost, and recorded a video of it. spooky!

S. Sandrigon said...

Who you callin' a ghostie?

grainne proinseas said...

you, you guitar-playing blob of light.

jordan said...

I aint afraid of no ghost