December 24, 2010

Advent Calendar of Non-Overplayed Christmas Songs No. XXII

For the antepenultimate installment of the Advent Calendar of Non-Overplayed Christmas Songs, I drag out from the vaults again my miniature shape-note carols, several settings of Nahum Tate's "While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night" text, sung by my one man Glee club:


grainne proinseas said...

these are beautiful. you sing like an angel.

S. Sandrigon said...

Why thankee. I think I sing more like the shepherds, but as you wish.

jordan said...

yes, very nice indeed. i have never actually heard an angel sing, although one time i might have drank too much whiskey and awoke in a lush greened field with a cow standing over me, mooing politely. at that time, i can imagine four james faces circling above me singing these songs, reminding me that my girl, the fairest in all the land, was to be hanged for treason that morning.
I honestly think, with much reverb and twilighting, big beats and costumes, this will be very popular with the kids these days. Do it James, a true folk revival! Hooray!