December 02, 2010

Advent Calendar of Non-Overplayed Christmas Songs No. II

Second installment of Non-Overplayed Christmas Songs. Three of the four Beatles managed to use their talents for good throughout the 70's, be it caveman movies or songs with the lyrics "I was the Walrus but now I'm John." Sir Paul however used his talents to combine synthesizers with obnoxious catchy melodies in a transparent attempt to get a cashcow Christmas hit.


Brains said...

This series is great!

I would also recommend's Christmas Lounge channel or their "xmas in frisko" channel.

jordan said...

yes, this is a jolly series. may i suggest "knocking boots for christmas?" by H-Town? It is sure to deck your halls and fa-la-la your la. No, its actually pretty bad... but good!

jordan said...

Oh, and this lot got me thinking of these: cheap chuckles, or rock stars remix their hits for the holidays: (im sorry i just cant resist

Sammy Haggar (Christ)Mas Tequila
Metallica- For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls
Frankie Vallie- Oh What a Silent Night
Prince- Purple Rein deer
R. Kelly- Here comes Santa (trapped in the) Clauset
ACDC- I've got big Silver Bells


Rachel said...

The funny thing is, this song is entirely overplayed in England at this time of year. Perhaps the two countries could swap their overplayed lists for one year and one year only? (Now I come to think of it, it's December 3rd and I still haven't heard Slade.) Even better, all Christmas-celebrating nations should put their overplayed lists in a hat and everyone can draw for this year's radio list.

P.S. Last year Facebook users managed to rig the UK Christmas No. 1; Rage Against the Machine's Killing In The Name played across the country on December 25th. This year they are trying for John Cage's 4'33".

S. Sandrigon said...

Awesome - - - - thanks for the suggestions, jordan. I can't believe that song is big in England. I don't think I've ever heard it here. Altho, now that I know it I'll notice it somewhere.