October 13, 2010

Lizard-Pumpkin-Fish-Man & also "Ahappylypse"

Here's some gratuitous pictures of my cute new pet rat, Blake le Rat. She's growing everyday. Her interests include sunflower seeds, carrots, sleeping during the day, exploring & cuddling. Her dislikes include cats, Nirvana, player-haters, cats, & being picked up by the tail.

Two recent dreams deserve mention, get out your dream interpreting manuals! First, I dreamt I met a being called Lizard-Pumpkin-Fish-Man. He told me some would consider his form to be a punishment for the extra powers he stole. Others would consider his form to be a REWARD for the powers he stole. But he warned me, those are narrow-minded gray-scale readings of his situation, his Lizard-Pumpkin-Fish-Man form is the RESULT of the powers he stole. Then he explained that some would consider his form to be unattractive, and therefore a drawback for sleeping with hot women. But with his powers, he can take the most attractive female humans and TURN THEM INTO Lizard-Pumpkin-Fish-Women to be his concubines.

Last night's dream was about an enormous party in New York City thrown by Evangelical Christians, who had gathered there en mass to celebrate a positive apocalypse they had scheduled, which they called "Ahappylypse." They tried to throw it for millions of people to be converted & saved (& Jesus would do the rest). But no one came, so Ahappylypse was a total bust, & there was ridiculous amounts of food leftover. (Sort of a catering-inspired dream, really.) Stephen Colbert was there, & the Christians were mad at him for not bringing his followers, & he was like, I don't bring them everywhere I go, & now I'm going to make fun of you on television.

Describing your dreams is a tricky artform, I hope I've kept them entertaining.

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