September 03, 2010

From the Archives: "Makes No Sense"

In a comment below, Grainne requested more correspondence from our mothers. This comment on the facebooks has become an oft-quoted classic.

(If the screengrab is too small to read, I described the Bucure┼čti photo as such: "Werzog [the character I was playing in the video we were shooting] reacting to the grand Parisian/soviet architecture covered in Time Square flash & trash", & my mother responded "Makes no sense.")


Jason said...

She does have a point.

S. Sandrigon said...

I think she meant that my obtuse comment made no sense, not that it makes no sense that the Romanians would cover their grand buildings in horrible billboards.

Jason said...

Either way, it makes no sense. What we have here is a perfect storm of nonsense. Oh, Eastern Europe, how strange and terrifying you are!