September 23, 2010

Boxer Briefly Noted!

Some quick carrion for CULTURE BUZZARDS!

Joaquin Phoenix was faking it all along (his descent into craziness & rap career, &c) all for Casey Affleck's mockumentary. & fooling Letterman & Ebert (who hated the movie before he got it.) I think of his po-mo 21st Century Celebrity-as-Performance Art as an interesting B-side to Lady GaGa.

Last year there was Dante's Inferno the Video Game. Now, Legendary Pictures is producing a huge-budget Paradise Lost 3D (thanks Mr Islas for the tip, the write-up from Atlantic is here.) I can't wait for someone to take on William Blake's Jerusalem. And speaking of 3D, Werner Herzog's first foray into the dimension will be a documentary about cave art in France called Caves of Forgotten Dreams.

Miss LaFuente turned us on to these Funny or Die "Drunk Histories", where very drunk people explain famous historical events & famous people (like Michael Cera & Crispin Glover) act them out. Cera's amazing portrayal of Alexander Hamilton ("Listen I can't reconcile killing someone with my political beliefs, but I can't reconcile my political beliefs with not killing someone.") got us wondering if Hamilton really did deliberately not fire at Aaron Burr in their famous duel. According to reputable internet sources, the issue is contested. Hamilton keeps coming up recently, I cursed him in the lyrics to my song "Corn Whiskey" (set to the tune of "The Times They Are A'Changin'") featured in our work-in-progress Corn Liquor songbook.

I mentioned on the Lewis Carroll blog about the studios KILLING Marylin Manson's Lewis Carroll movie (a psycho-sexual thriller about his fiery passion for child Alice Liddell, years in the making & starring the beautiful Lily Cole) after internet audiences recoiled from the nasty trailer, read about it here. Scholars of the real non-pedophiliac Rev. Charles Dodgson collectively exhale in relief.

I recommend the article in the New Yorker about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who's about to be movie-fied, played by that actor from The Squid & the Whale and Adventureland, Jesse Eisenberg. If you're someone who somewhat trusts facebook, there's some shocking shit in there.

Speaking of bio-pics, when is someone going to make the James A. Garfield one?

Only a few months before Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows PART ONE comes out, & now that the shooting is finished, did you see Emma Watson's shedding of her Hermoine curls:

I'm very curious to watch the careers of the main Harry Potter children, they're all such good actors. I only post Watson's Twiggy look because we were discussing it while Miss Minnie Mary Molly cut the remaining red off of Grainne's blonde roots last night. M.M.M. is giving twenty-dollar haircuts to friends & friends-of-friends to save up & buy her own electric ukulele for our Friends Around the Campfire "band." If you need a stylish trim & wish to donate to the cause, look her up. Here's the logo I made for the back of her card:

Jerry's dead, Phish sucks, get a haircut! &, Friends Around the Campfire now has a facebook group you can "like": HERE. Be a friend of Friends Around the Campfire!

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