September 01, 2010

Apologies: & a New Order at It Was Lost

This was some art that Minnie Molly Mary left lying around my apartment. She described it to me, I think, basically, as Adam deciding between the heavenly Mimosa and God's touch, & leaning towards the Mimosa. (I say, those are some sexy stockings Adam is sporting.)

I've updated the LOCATIONS for our inner outer community of contributers to the greater blogospheric It Was Lost forgottiverse. Mr Quill, of All Forgotten, has ended his bulgarious era, & is now listed as Special Forgotten Midwestern Correspondent, residing in Bloomington, Indiana. Breaking Away! Mr Olaf Mary Mohammad, who declared himself yesterday below "inna Edinburgh" will now be our only European correspondent, & we expect a whole new epoch of Mix Tapes Were Lost. Miss Grainne Proinseas couldn't stand the ten blocks she lived away from me & leaped five blocks closer over the border from Oakland into Berkeley, into the apartment of the friends the Lefkowitz Sisters. Cosmo Wenicky is of course now in Connecticut! And Miss Minnie Molly Mary has added enough art & illustrations & inspiration to itwaslost over the past year, I welcome her to the official roster! What we're all working on, but not posting yet, is a big series of "children's poems", illustrated by Grianne, Olaf, & M.M.M., which I am forced to keep secret for the time being, but I'll deliciously hint that there are stories about outerspace, giant ancient mammals, impossible loves, America, fate & guacamole!

However, things to look out for during THE FALL SEASON on our community weblog:
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