August 31, 2010


As you all know, I am inna Edinburgh now.
I will be here for two years.
Why not start a separate blog you ask.
Because most of the people who would read it already read this blog.
I am saving you time.
I am saving me time.


For my first installment: an email from my kind, loving mother who is caught in a whirlwind of my forgetting my toiletries etc...

Dear Liam, I went to the post office today. It turns out that packages have to be a certain size to be sent in the regular mail. If the box is large it goes slow freight. There are no choices. So one of the boxes will arrive about a week before the other. Also they kept asking me what the state or province was I said I didn't know, but that since UK was the country maybe Scotland was the province. They didn't like that. I hope you get the two boxes, let me know. I would like to know for future mailings. I also had to make an itemized list of everything in the boxes. I didn't really know so I made it up. I hope this doesn't mess things up. Also you aren't suppose to send toiletries so I didn't mention that yours were in one of the boxes. Did you play frisbee today? Love Mom


grainne proinseas said...

oh man, what a gem. This makes me think we should have a department of e-mails from our mothers. all of our mothers write hilarious e-mails. Do you guys remember in the senior year Limimnibus Papers there is an e-mail from my mother (right before we graduated from the most expensive college in the country) forwarding me a job posting for "late night loading dock supervisor at the Emerson Majestic theater"? and she was serious? James' mother is also a genius at e-mail writing. Is this why we turned out this way?

Ian said...

We don't know one another. I found your blog. I like your style; intelligent yet unpretentious. Anyway, I wish you luck as a not quite anonymous stranger. I look forward to seeing how the city will influence your style.