August 03, 2010

the benevolent otherhood vol. 1, summer 2010 - Read it online here!

The Benevolent Otherhood is a secret writing society in Oakland and Berkeley, California. Founded in 1899, its current members include Alisa Dodge, Cathlin Goulding, Corinna Lefkowitz, Pepper Luboff, and S. Sandrigon.

Cover art is by Mario Zamarripa. Other illuminations by Olaf Mary, Chris Rae, & Minnie Molly Mary.

We had our zine release party Monday night at Mama Buzz in Oakland, to a crowd hungry for new poetry. We also had musical guests: Stas Feldman, members of the Avatar ensemble, & Friends Around the Campfire. A limited 50 physical copies were made, so I'm proud to present a free digital version:

the benevolent otherhood - vol. 1, summer 2010

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