August 14, 2010

The Ballad of Steven Slater (after John Wesley Harding)

Friend-of-the-blog Dr Benway (previously responsible for Bacon in Gold) adds his working man's voice to the public glorification of Steven Slater, the legendary flight attendant who stuck it to man this month.

The lyrics ("with apologies to Bob Dylan.")

Crewman Steven Slater spent many an hour in flight,
He pushed the drinks cart up and down the aisle
Throughout his years of service he refused many a fight,
He was always there with service and a smile.

'Twas down in New York City, a time they talk about,
When the final insult came, he took a stand.
And soon those rowdy passengers, he'd roundly cursed them out,
And was down that yellow slide, with beer in hand.

All across the Internet, his name it did resound,
But fame could not protect him, so it's said,
And soon the Port Authority was beating his door down,
With a warrant for poor Steven Slater's head.

O Judge, and all you jurors, come close and gather round,
Consider and consider carefully,
For if you've dealt with assholes in the air or on the ground,
You know that you must set poor Slater free.

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