July 15, 2010

A Song from the Wiggly Tendrils: "why can't we get along (mute the vuvuzela)"

The blog band, The Wiggly Tendrils, creates songs upon request for people, based on a questionnaire. Friend-of-the-Blog Miss Enid Darius was inspired by an incredible song created with only a days notice for a birthday of one Ryan Keeley, forever immortalized now in a song called "Someone Stop Ryan Keeley". So we took a stab at the questionnaire, (I've had both jugs & vuvuzelas, both dubious instruments, on the mind recently.)

who is the imagined singer
a disco jug band

who is the intended listener
all the nations of the world

ask three questions
why can't we all get along? (like when the earth was a single continent--gandwanaland/pangea)
Can we mute the vuvuzelas?
what is this strange feeling I have in my body?

describe your song in one word

The song can also be heard there & the mp3 downloaded here.

mute the vuvuzela
mute the vuvuzela

what's this feeling in my body
probably martians probing blindly
they must see us like pangeas
they don't know we're incompleted

why, why can't we get along, why can't we get along
why, why can't we get along
why, why can't we get along
why, why can't we get along
why can't we get along

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t. w. tendrils said...

Yeah! Thanks for requesting a song --and posting about it!

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