July 19, 2010

Scribd Illumination: Consideration Song

And now (after several unreadable copies with bad fonts) I present an illuminated digital book for the nonsense poem Consideration Song. The photographs were taken by Miss Minnie Molly Mary at the Belgum Sanitarium in the hills above Richmond, California, and the cover photo was photoshopped by my brother.

With these scribd books, I recommend F11 to fullscreen your browser, and then fullscreening the scribd document (there's a button). The original text of the poem was published here. My epic 163-pg 2009 illuminated poetry book Prophecy & Doggerel has been up for sale for $2.15 at scribd, after being on the market for twelve months, you can still be the first person to ever buy it!

1 comment:

Anna Rosengren said...

I wanted to be the one, but I couldn't as scribd "is only available to users within the United States"!!