July 06, 2010

Live-Blogging the Netherlands-Uruguay World Cup Match from the Reno Aces Stadium!

Good day. I spend the morning wandering around the casinos in Reno, Nevada, trying to find a sports book with free wifi so we could LIVE-BLOG this important SOCCER GAME.

It's been awhile since this blog has live-blogged - - - - - - - - - - -

Sadly, there's no rowdy crowd of orange or blue shirts here. Unable to find wifi in a casino, I ended up meeting my parents at the minor league Reno Aces baseball stadium, where there's some comfy bars above the park. They have the soccer game on huge screens, free internet, but there's NO ONE HERE! Full disclosure: on Mr Aha's suggestion, I put some money on Uruguay to win in regulation time, even tho I obviously expect the dutch to win.

11:40am. Here's the lonely scene of my parents & me watching the game at the Reno Aces stadium. Score is still nil-nil.

11:50. Incredible shot from far away! The crowd (of three of us) goes wild!

Mr Aha adds: I turned down the ESPN3 volume because of John Mr Negative Harkes and turned on the radio to hear the Irish Tommy Smith get excited. "How to Make Corn Liquor" also makes great background music for soccer!

12:12pm Oh shit! Now it's a game. Uruguay's Diego Forlorn [sic] comes forth for a perfect goal. Now it's tied before halftime.

Halftime roundup from Sandy: A few of the Reno Aces employees have filtered in to watch the game. Mr Quill’s opinion: “Now that it's even, I can say that I'm betting on Netherlands. Too bad they've made a career of choking.” I told him I have ten bucks on Uruguay winning during regulation time, with a payoff of $50. He was surprised the odds were that high, even tho Uruguay’s best players are out. He responded, “Still. I wouldn't have thought it THAT unlikely. And Netherlands profound choking should be taken into account. After the Euro Cup.” I was wondering if the playbook takes Paul the Psychic Octopus into account also, who unexpectedly picked Spain for tomorrow (He’s had 100% correct predictions this year, including Germany’s loss against Serbia. The only time Paul was wrong two years ago was, strangely enough, also the game against Spain. Who should I bet on! What a mindfuck, Paul!)

Halftime Roundup from Brains Aha!

Half time round up!

This is a big day for Uzbekistan. Sepp "Schwyzertuetsch" Blatter of
FIFA has chosen an Uzbek referee to officiate a semifinal in the World
Cup. This is crafty. If things go well, FIFA chose the best. But if
there's a bad call, FIFA can say, "Hey, we're just being inclusive
with referees from underrepresented, agrarian countries. Got a problem
with that, elitist?"

Diego Forlan scored for Uruguay. He also scored twice in the Europa
League final for his employer Atletico Madrid, which no one expected
against London Fulham's great goalie. He's like Barry Zuckerkorn.
"He's very good."

I don't know if S. Sandrigon will get his ten dollars back. It's not
likely. But Uruguay can win this. We'd have a very strange and
interesting final. Before it all started, I picked Holland to win
everything. I have proof.

I hope Sebastian Abreu gets to shoot another penalty kick. He has a
good sense of humor with eleven meters:

12:50pm One of the only other fans (my mother, with an eye for who's who, points out to me) in Bugsy's club above the Reno Aces stadium watching the soccer game is Bugsy himself, the manager of the Aces, in the company of a pretty woman.

12:58pm Even tho it didn't go in, I liked the style of Diego's penalty kick. The next few failed attempts from Holland sure looked like the smell of dutch downward spiral. Uruguay's playing pretty well.

1:00pm Nevermind! Holland! Crazy! That seemed to take place in slow motion.

1:03pm Again - - Netherlands 3-1, this time from Robben, a player with the same name as the island Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on. I've definitely lost my wager.

1:20pm Onward to an all-European final. Europe wins the Euro Cup every time, of course, which is hardly fair. What can we say, Uruguay - - - -
Emergency update! Last minute score from Uruguay! A little late for a crazy comeback.
Over & out from itwaslost bloggers in Reno & San Francisco.

POST GAME ROUNDUP! from Brains Aha!

The world's most competitive soccer tournament isn't the World Cup.
It's UEFA's Champions League, which is a year-round tournament. In
April of this year the remaining teams in the Champions League were
filled with Dutch players and Dutch coaches. None of the remaining
teams were from Holland's league(s), but the remaining teams had
players from Holland. Put them together and you might win another less
difficult yet more famous tournament. Sorry about the ten dollars, S.
Sandrigon. I'll buy your next sandwich.

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