June 23, 2010

Ultimate Corn Whiskey Mix: "How to Make Corn Liquor" - Exclusive Special Mix Tape Was Lost

With pride & after much deliberation, this blog returns to the mix universe with a masterpiece, the most excellent corn liquor mix imaginable of all time. Even if you do not have access to good American moonshine, it should also be one of the finest mixes for bourbon drinking or for frustrating morning commutes.

(Listen to it by clicking on the play button right there....)

Please download the full mp3 free here.

PS: If you're not averse to the whiskey tax, I strongly recommend the Platte Valley Corn Whiskey from Weston, Missouri, pictured above. I don't know how widely it's available, but I found a jug for sale at Monument Liquors in Concord, California. Healthy amounts aided the creation of this mix.

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