May 05, 2010

Special Report: Is there a correlation between deep-fried beer-battered octopus brains & vivid dreamscapes?

On Sunday evening, I made Irma Rombauer's beer batter recipe from The Joy of Cooking (using Rogue's Dead Guy Ale) at Cosmo Wernicky & Olaf Mary's residence in West Oakland, California. We deep-fried fresh squid, baby octopuses [sic], brussels sprouts, mushrooms & squash blossoms. (We also drank plum sake from Berkeley.) It was delicious. And it left me thoroughly wiped-out, we couldn't even get to our art project. There was some debate about whether or not to take the brains out of the baby octopuses, but, since they were fresh (from the Berkeley Bowl) and cleaned, most were left in. The following text messages are from Monday morning:

Cosmo Wernicky, 11:43:57am:
Octopus brains give me vivid dreams

Me, 11:53:39am:
No fucking way! I had the most crazy vivid dreams last night too!!

Cosmo Wernicky, 11:56:37am:
What?! There's something to this...did you dream about the moon and falling out of a window and floating down to a soft bed of leaves?

Me, 12:08:15pm:
No, I dreamt about a beef "double down" sandwich ad from KFC where the bread is replaced by meat also, costing $27 & you can only buy it once.

Cosmo Wernicky, 15:18:09pm

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