April 24, 2010

Ballad of Joe "The Rat" (or, "Fart of Darkness") Singer, and setting the stage for rampage.

What a panic's in Joe the Rat's breast: He's first at being worst,
The little coward, cute in spite of his acute cussedness,
His iron smile's a magnet for fists,
His FBI file's filed in the slits in his wrists,
He's lost his sandals--, it's like he's lost in Jesus' hearse--,
But with a cup of splenda-sweetened coffee, he feels quite reimbursed.

I met Joe the Rat at the Princeton Graduation Parade,
Dressed in a Paisley orange-and-black sports jacket,
His silhouette was like Mohammad,
His brunette girlfriend drinking anisette
In the Jersey sunshine. I asked him if he was afraid
Of the Pine Barrens, and he asked me if I was getting paid.

In Late May before the beaches are cleaned up--,
(I'm a robot on a planet of toe mold and plastic bottles) --,
A plastic detector can detect synthetic turtles.
She leaves her egg on Neptune, and waddles
Into the Atlantic Ocean: And Joe the Rat, too crooked to be corrupt,
Like a Panjandrum of the filth, makes an omelet out of her abandoned pup.

I met Joe the Rat at a nasty bar literally underneath the turn-pipe.
Splendor! Splenetic and waspish, there wasn't one free bar stool,
So I sat on the floor in a pool of someone's drool,
He splenda-sweetened voice was measured but cruel,
When he asked me if I would like his seat, his squinty glance like a sniper's snipe,
And in wafted odors from the Natural Flavoring factories which smelled exactly like pickled honeycomb tripe.

What a panic's in Joe the Rat's breast: now the scandal's broken, too,
The little coward blames the gossip industry
For shopping for more than it can stir-fry,
And petty fogs more ostentatious than actually costly.
Now the scandal's broken--, he's lost his bus token, too--,
It's like he's lost beneath Jesus' noose, among the choken few.

I met Joe the Rat nude in an antique store,
And asked him if the conspiracy goes all the way to the top, and fast:
What do you want? his brunette girlfriend asked,
And told me that the first shall be the last:
Every valley shall be exalted, but wait, there's more,
And then she grabbed onto Joe's tail and they scurried into a hole in the floor.

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