March 31, 2010

Politics: No reason to not yet declare neutrality in regards to Jerry Brown's gubernatorial candidacy

This website, of course, does not ever explicity declare a preference for one political candidate over another, staying way above the grimy fray. That being said, we see no reason not to become a fan on facebook of California Attorney General Jerry Brown. And his website's color scheme is looking pretty stylish - do I detect a hint of Shepard Fairey-esque design? And what's that, look how easy they've made it to contribute to his campaign! - & what's ten or twenty-five dollars to the charismatic Democratic likely-nominee when his Republican likely-opponant in the general election has already spent almost fifty million dollars, mostly of her own money (more than two months before the primary), and he's spent "about ten dollars". It's a weird world when you're running for governor of a state as large & important as a medium-size first world country, (previous occupants include Leland Stanford, Ronald Reagan, & at least one other movie star), in a year with wind in the teabagging right's sails, against billionares and demon sheep, when you're as old as John McCain & a political history as wide-ranging and varied as Picasso. Governor Moonbeam! Pragmatic Mayor of Oakland! Who are you? Would you terribly mind running our fucked-up state again for a few years? If it's not inconvenient for you...

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