February 05, 2010

Robin Williamson sings Parting Glass

Miss Proinseas introduced us to a rediscovered 1960's short unfinished Irish film called O'Donoghue's Opera, starring Ronnie Drew & other well-bearded members of the Dubliners, which tells its tale accented by a heavy dosage of Irish songs. Because the movie is a bit difficult to understand for twenty-tweenage American ears, it was helpful to have Grainne interpret it when we watched. I would love it if she would do a minute-by-minute commentary for the blog when we post the videos. Or perhaps several us of can collaborate on an exegesis or exhumation of sorts. Anyway, that's all to come. In the meantime, the song "Parting Glass" is of course in the 'Opera' - one of Grainne's favorites - & I just found this beautiful video of the great Scottish bard Robin Williamson singing it.


minnie molly said...

tears to my eyes!

Muffy Sainte-Marie said...

two of my favourites together: robin williamson and the parting glass. thanks for posting. RW's "the iron stone" is perfect winter night music. what a dude.