February 23, 2010


I've been blogging less because my computer is so goddamn'd slow! It's a sad, slow world for me these days.

There's so much to write about these days also! Ice Dancing, teabagging, ski-jumping, aerial dog hunting, ice dancing...

Cosmo Wernicky, for instance, writes to me:

from: Cosmo Wernicky ____@gmail.com
to :S. Sandrigon _____@itwaslost.org
date :Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 9:27 PM
subject: plane ol' sycamore
mailed-by :gmail.com
signed-by: gmail.com

Were we talking about this? because I just sent this email to Doug and he claims that his father was not involved:

I just came across some information that may ease your mind a bit. If you recall, we had in the recent past been discussing those knobby trees that abound in our environs. I identified them as London Planetrees, while your father claimed they are sycamores. WELL, as it turns out, London Planetrees are a cross between a sycamore and an Oriental Planetree. Hot.
If you care

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