January 11, 2010

Music from the Archives: "Danza Senza Anahita"

Time for more old music dragged out of the archives & made accessible on the internet. Download this mp3 free here. It's a classic recording of our lovely group, the Really Hard Rhythm Society, playing a piece I wrote for six of the seven members - all except Anahita, hence the title. (You can hear Anahita's name in the melody at 0:24.) Danny Holt & Patrick Wickliffe on pianos, Jonathan Shapiro, Drew Jorgensen & Bonnie Whiting (Smith) on percussion. I'm playing an invisible piano.

UPDATE: I just found this stylized version of the score I made on an older version of Finale many years ago. I just uploaded it to scribd. It is pretty, but if anyone wanted a readable copy of this score, it could be easily arranged.
Danza Senza Anahita - Music for Two Pianos & Percussion

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