January 01, 2010

Happy Twenty-Ten, Blogosphere

We didn't quite make our goal (616 posts in 2009, double from the 308 in 2008), despite Grainne's valiant New Year's Eve marathon posting of Young Werner Herzog, his Bulgarious political party narration & other videos. I propose we don't attempt 1232 posts in 2010 - where will it end!? I've been down with a stomach flu all week, but still made it out for Balkan dancing with Brass Menazeri at Berkeley's Ashkenaz, after a roast goose dinner with a dozen good friends. Waking up feeling healthier than the last year is a good omen for the new decade.

And yes it is the New Decade. The first century started at Year One. The second century started at year 100. The first century was only 99 years, because there was no year Zero. This was a solution to the obnoxious 2000/2001 problem, a solution posed by an autistic child (according to Stephen Jay Gould), & the more I think about it, the more I think it's the only right way.

It's also the Tweens, the Obama era, the end of the Naughty Aughties, & an optimistic time for the players of the world. Also for the haters thereof.


Anna R said...

Happy Happy twenty-ten!

Looking forward to read all your 1232 posts or at least more than 602, well, you should give it a try!

Best wishes,

antonabadzhiev said...

That means twenty nine and a half or twenty ten and a half the glorious PC will come back home in flying colors?! What about Bulariousity, then? Can't they stay as free practice corespondents of 'Twaslost or looking after Brigitte Bardot's dancing bears which is,daresay, more tempting than teaching? Save them for another decade and a half!