January 05, 2010

Father Drank Himself to Death (Gila Monster Version) - Demo mp3

I apologize if the recordings I'm sharing on this blog continue to get stranger in the new decade. There are several different settings of this text, Father Drank Himself To Death. This is the "Gila Monster" version, recorded today for the Friends Around the Campfire Stuck Home Syndrome, (formerly known as the Special Summer Electric Ukulele Covers Project).

The album Stuck Home Syndrome available here! Friends around the Campfire on facebooks here!

The new verse added for this new version:
Once we owned a Gila monster,
But its terrarium was never dry.
So we set it free near Stockton,
Now it lives beneath the sky.


Brains said...

i love this song

Olaf Mary said...

wow. again. beautiful. this new year means huge leaps in american music output. a turning point. form here on out - good and beautiful music forever

S. Sandrigon said...

Thank you, kind friends. There's more good & beautiful music in the works.