January 08, 2010

Department of the Tweetosphere: Some from 2009 & also Herner Werzog

2009 was the year the media freaked out about Twitter. The inner/outer community of itwaslost writers & artists, & many choice comrades, also occasionally wandered around the tweetosphere. In Twenty-ten, we recommend you follow @itwaslost, @ssandrigon, & the rest of us, subscribe via sms on your motherloving superphones, follow our community lists (@itwaslost/community), & ride this fad hard till it passes a kidney stone.

Here's some excerpts from 2009 for those of you too cool for twittering:

Ever heard of Lady Mondegreen? the martyred eponymous patron saint of mishearing song lyrics? some examples to follow...

Lady Mondegreen's sacrifice for the cause itself came from the scottish lyric: "They hae slain the Earl of Moray / & laid him on the green."
Lady Mondegreen's creepy stalker friend: "Surely Good Mrs. Murphy shall follow me all the days of my life", as misheard from Psalm 23.

I just had a money-making genius breakthru - sell 2 buck chuck to high schoolers for $5. That's 150% profit & everyone wins.

Say you had $40k. You could: 1) go to a liberal arts college for a year; or 2) rent a large plastic event tent for one day. Your choice.
Of course you have to rip off a lot of high-schoolers to make $40k - about 13333.3 by my math. Is that how Qadaffi affords his big tent?
The sagas of Samamamidon, when we usurped Sam Amidon's personality on Twitter, were replaced by Herner Werzog, or Young Werner Herzog, who for obvious reasons kept the same profile picture as samamamidon. (A lot of the tweets from that samamamidon era were posted around here.) These are funnier if you say them in my phony Werner Herzog impersonation.

We will now be tweetering & filmmaking as @hernerwerzog, the real Werner Herzog. Please make the appropriate adjustments. #wernerherzoghernerwerzog
I had also plotted a movie about Julia Child's days in Paris. But in my version, Christian Bale plays Julia Child, & it was filmed in Burma.

Okay, there's a lot, so this may have to be a several-part series celebrating the twots of 2009. More anon!
PS, Also there's this list -
@hernerwerzog/wernerherzogs - following the many Werner Herzogs of Twitter.

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