December 23, 2009

JAMES - Special Christmas Snake-Handler Version

I just recorded a special hit Christmas single with the Friends Around the Campfire, a "snake-handler" guitar version of my carol JAMES. Once it has a b-side, we'll call it "Twelve Years Old & Married" & right on schedule to hit the stores before the holiday has passed.

The album Stuck Home Syndrome available here! Friends around the Campfire on facebooks here!

The original folk hymn tune is
here, (inspired by the Infancy Gospel of James), & I'll reprint the lyrics now for your convenience:


Virgin Mary,
twelve years old and married

To Joseph,
in the temple where she first did bleed.

The matriarch was once a teenage bride,
The mother of the world's salvation was a girl who cried.

Weeping Joseph,
I thought she was truer.

No, Mary,
Please, I know no man, Lord, I am pure.

Janus Mary,
mourning & rejoicing,

O Joseph,
see the silent earth expects its king.

Traveling Mary
saddled on a donkey,

Go, Joseph,
find a cave, behold a mystery!

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