December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas! & Trio Minus Mandy Patinkin

My best to you & yours. I offer my old movement Trio Minus Mandy Patinkin, from my sprawling unfinished piece Concept Album, as a respite from overplayed Christmas tunes & all things holly jolly. I've put a free printable score on Scribd, I'm sorry there's distortions in it. (There's an old mp3 with Bonnie Whiting Smith on marimba & Drew Jorgensen on electric bass, download it free here.)

The trio came to me in a dream, with Mandy Patinkin singing a beautiful melody, which I couldn't remember after I woke up. (I dug up the old score because Mrs Smith is going to play it again on vibraphone.) God bless us every one.


Olaf Mary said...

beautiful music.

Bonnie said...

How many wrong notes? So many wrong notes. (How many babies? No babies.) Wait 'till you hear it on vibes, with lots of vibrato. . . coming in March.

S. Sandrigon said...

I'm glad you're using the vibe vibrato!
I'm so used to those wrong notes in that recording that they sound right now.