December 03, 2009

Ally Given, installment #4

There’s no way to avoid hearing conversations in the kitchen from Ally’s room. The heating vent next to her bed is like a speaker for a radio that can only play one station.

…he’s a mechanic? You asked out the mechanic?

….Yeah, I asked out the mechanic….he’s cute. I don't know. There's like...something about him.

…At least tell me he’s a good mechanic.

….No, that’s the funny thing

Aunt Kate says this with a laugh-

he fucked my car up worse than it was before.

Oh, that’s hilarious, Kate.
Is he a good guy? What do you know about him?

I don’t know, nothing I guess.

Aunt Kate pauses then laughs again. One big Ha! Followed by a snort through her nose.

Well, okay, Lily told me some stuff.

Lily is the hairdresser Mom and Aunt Kate and Aunt Ellen have been going to since they were kids (three of them lined up with identical bangs and chin-length bobs and freckle-faces, Mom in the middle with big ugly glasses on, in the photo in front of their Christmas tree. This what Ally always thinks of when she hears Lily's name. The terrible childhood haircuts that have been immortalized). They all still get their hair cut by Lily, though they long ago talked her into learning some more grown-up hairstyles to try on them. Which, in Ally's opinion, look only moderately better.

Do tell.

She said he fucked up her car, too.


Yeah, and she said apparently he used to go out with Denise- you know Denise Walsh, Peter’s cousin?

Peter and Angela Walsh are the neighbors two doors down on the corner.


And Denise met him first when he fucked her car up, too.

Aunt Kate apparently thinks it couldn't be funnier that she is going to be dating the worst auto mechanic in Mattapan.

They’re not dating anymore- they went out a few times a couple years ago- but Lily said Denise is still in love with him, and-

Aunt Kate pauses.


-AND she still takes her car to him! Just because she wants to SEE him! Even though he MANGLES her car every time and she has to take it to some other guy to get it fixed AGAIN when he's done with it!

Oh great, says Mom, with mock concern (or maybe real concern?)- and my little sister is gonna be dating this bozo? I'm supposed to be happy about this?

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