November 06, 2009

Sports: Quilldipides running from Athens to Marathon this weekend

Bulgarious correspondent Mr Quill is running in Greece this weekend. In his own words:

Around 9AM Athens time, be sure to focus your thoughts on the number 4150. I will be dying somewhere between Athens and Marathon, contemplating the meaning of everything and asking the question that broke The General. W H Y. Why? Say it in your best McGoohan impression.

The following are my goals.

Primary Goals:

1. Finish. Do not walk at any point.

2. Eat a steak and have a beer afterward.

Secondary Goals:

1. Finish in under 4 hours.

2. Perform some kind of whimsical dance after finishing.

And after this Sunday, I will no longer be obligated to train and my evenings will open up for new activities. I plan on writing and studying. During my training, I could never measure the distance I was running by any means, so I described my average run as a 'Boar's Head' and measured thusly. I believe the Marathon is approximately 4 boar's heads. Now I will apply the boar's head to other things. I've decided that 1011 words is the writing equivalent of a boar's head and so I will try to treat it similarly, writing a boar's head 4 or 5 days a week. Keep your eyes open.

Thank you for all of your well wishin' on the runnin'. It will motivate me and my pride. And I'll let you know how it goes.

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