November 20, 2009

From the Lewis Carroll Blog: Faryl in Wonderland

Once again, from our reportage at the Lewis Carroll Society blog, reposted here for your convenience:

For those of you who like your pop-classical overproduced and over-enunciated, hot tweenage British singer Faryl Smith is releasing her second album (quick on the heels of her first album Faryl, which was the fastest-selling "classical" album of all time.) Wonderland, due on November 30th, is "loosely based on Lewis Carroll's novel", according to this evening's Evening Telegraph.

"[Alice in Wonderland] is one of my favourite books," says the former Britain's Got Talent contestant. "It's so dreamy and playful."

Keep watching after the musical clip, the second video is Miss Smith personally announcing
Wonderland. It's important to put all this in its proper cultural context, and remember that in the 2000's, hyper-sexualized images of underage girls in popular music was standard and should be judged against the backdrop of the norms of the times.

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