November 28, 2009

Correspondences: Craziest Couchsurfing Request Ever

That there's some more classic Whales Standing Up art from Mr Olaf Mary, circa 2004.
I've had nothing but good experiences with I've stayed with lovely hosts in Europe, & hosted lovely travelers from Europe, North & South America. Sometimes tho, I get a request from a crazy person, & I think this one wins the award for craziest request. It was from a 20-year-old girl from Nova Scotia:

Okay. I am leaving _____ and coming to Berkeley to
set up camp. I am a crazy girl but I do have a lot of
guts. I am going to run my own cafe/resto/bar and it's
going to be government funded. Why the hell not? I have
a small debt to pay but what I would like to do is pay
for a massage course which I have also done in _____.
I need to be able to practise legally with a good
reputation in order to support myself while...Anyway I
am looking for a room in an artist commmunity/house.
Hippy, environmentalist. Forward mided people only no
scumbag student know it alls. No beurocratic bullshit.
I like clutter but not dirt. Not smelly. I want to be
able to pay $300 a month and be around
twenty-thirty-eight year olds. Only. If possible. Not
interested in having sex, already got somebody. But
really what I will be doing is starting a herd of wild
horses. I will be owning my own property soon and
living happily ever after. The end. Still need my
driver's liscence. Want have dogs off leashes and
outdoor cats. Goats are better lawnmowers than
lawnmowers. Etc. My mother. did this in Ohio where I
was born she did it well and I suppose she's happy
enough. I like it there. Good enough. anyway=I am
looking for a place to stay until I find my
room/roommate cafe job artist/activist housing
situation but no ugly minded people no bullies. I like
travellors but I don't want to live in a punk house.
Punk's dead happened in the 80s. We're starting new
now. Time to stop bitching and get on with it. So
anyway. If you are at all available for a chat on the
phone I am thinking of leaving on the twenty-ninth.
Could we please chat? I think I will be staying only
for three days at a time until I find what I am looking
for. I will be flying to SAn Fran and then taking the
bus to Berkeley. Will not have much stuff but will come
prepared. I'll need to buy a phone right away so if you
know of a cheap pay as you go phone right on. Let me
know if you can help me out at all. thanks a lot man.
bunches. -S_____

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So many dreams, so little time...