November 25, 2009

Clever Gyuro with Clever Friends

I was reading this story by the great Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. Because it's written in a certain dated conversational style (I think. Help Bulgarians?) I was having some trouble on a few points. So I decided to plug it into Google Translate. I am now more confused:

Stravnitsa bear appeared, and the girls in wells izpoyala, outbreaks of grandmothers, the elders in the taverns, the children in the streets. Nobody is not hired to kill the bear, the village from evil to escape.

Hired to be clever Gyuro mighty smart. Gyuro led them in forest green on varhishta and valleys, led them, swore them - to bear captured, alive or dead in the village to bring.

Gone, wandering, falls, becoming - Mechata hole reached.

Delighted to be clever Gyuro mighty smart.

- Hey you you, metsano Todor - shouted Gyuro - come to dine!

Bear Zarena stravnitsa hole in condensers. Rhubarb and does not go.

- Wait, I'll teach you! - Smart Gyuro cried also, and said to his comrades smart: - Tie me around the waist with a strong rope, pa me out the sword hole, bears live stravnitsa ear to download.

Heroes tied smart and clever Gyuro hole he placed the sword.

Nutty metsana Todora clever head and Gyuro Zarena.

- Oh, catch it! Here, Gyuro! - Smart and cried zadarpali rope.

They pulled outward, pulling the bear inside. Bear pulling inward, outward, they pull!

At one time - just to see! Made use clever Gyuro headless ...

Chudom wonder smart heroes.

- Well, de Gyuro his head?

- But you know he had a head?

- I think he had.

- Pa. I think it would.

- There.

- None.

Broil smart heroes and can not decide - I had a clever head Gyuro or not! And they went to ask the bride Gyurovitsa. Knocked, knocked on the door:

- Come, come, wife Gyurovitse, tell us - I had Gyuro head or not!

Gyurovitsa bride gone, scratched out thought, PA said:

- I know!

- Ka-would not you know? Think! ...

- Well, you know ... For Easter Gyuro buy their cap, and had to have head.


grainne proinseas said...

"Rhubarb and does not go". Brilliant.

Павел Борисов Николов said...

stravnitsa - meat-eating bear

Theresa said...

outbreaks of grandmothers.
broil smart heros!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was a very large man-eating brown bear. It had been eating people from a village nearby its lair so the villagers sent their bravest men to track down the bear and kill it. The men followed the bear’s footprints to its lair, high up in the mountains. It was a small tunnel descending into the bear’s den in the mountain. A man named Gyuro decided to crawl into the tunnel (it was to small to walk into). He tied a rope around his waist and crawled in headfirst. After a while, when Gyuro didn’t come back, they tugged on the rope nervously. When he still didn’t come out, they pulled and pulled until they dragged him out, a man without a head. “Didn’t Gyuro have a head?” One of the men asked. “Of course! Or did he?” said another man. All of the men argued for a bit, and then one said “Let’s go to Gyuro’s wife, she’ll know!” So they went back to the village. They found Gyuro‘s wife out beating rugs in front of her house. They told her the story, and then asked her “Did Gyuro have a head?” She thought a bit, and said “Good question.” She thought a bit more then exclaimed “Ah, I know, Gyuro bought a hat last year, so he must have had a head!”